Sealed Fuse Holders
ATO® | ATC® | Autofuse®

typical autofuses
Typical Autofuse® (type ATO® and ATC®)
(Not supplied)

These use Delphi Packard Sealed Metri-Pack 630 series components. Functional temperature range is -40°C to 125°C (-40°F to 260°F). Contacts are rated at 46A -16 VDC. Fuse holder rating depends on the gauge of the wire leads.

sealed fuse holder


  • Rated 1-30 amps
  • 9" 12-gauge (3.0 mm) Type GXL leads, color orange
  • Install with yellow 12-10 or blue 16-14 sealed butt connectors

sealed fuse holder


  • Rated 40 amps for use with 40A Autofuse®
  • 12" 10-gauge (5.0 mm) UL 1015 leads, color red
  • Install with yellow 12-10 sealed butt connectors