fusible link wire repair links

Fusible Link Wire - Repair Links

Delphi fusible link wire is available in 9" repair links in 8 different sizes. Each link is printed and flagged with identifying information designed to remail legible after the link has opened the circuit.

Size Repair Link #
20-ga. - 0.5 mm UFL-20
18-ga. - 0.8 mm UFL-18
16-ga. - 1.0 mm UFL-16
14-ga. - 2.0 mm UFL-14
12-ga. - 3.0 mm UFL-12
10-ga. - 5.0 mm UFL-10
8-ga. -8.0 mm UFL-8

Additional information may be found on our Fusible Link Wire Specifications page and our Fusible Link Wire FAQs page.

Fusible link wire repair links are supplied to distributors and OEMs. Small-quantity packages can be seen on our Service Packs page.