About White Products

White Products was established in 1975, a division of J.R. Greenleaf & Company, Inc. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service.

We supply Weather Pack, Metri-pack components, hand crimping tools, terminal release tools, and Aptiv (formerly Delphi) fusible link wire to distributors and small manufacturers.

White Products evolved from a boutique manufacturers’ rep business specializing in terminals and automotive fasteners, to a distributor with manufacturing capabilities supplying harnesses, tools and connection systems to national distributors and original equipment manufacturers.

Our ES10 CAP was designed and tooled per our specifications. When used with an Aptiv sealed Metri- Pack 280 female 2-way connector you create an environmentally sealed MINI® fuse holder for engine compartment conditions as well as harsh environments. The cap is molded with tooling owned by White Products with millions sold worldwide since its inception.

This ES10 CAP is made in the USA and is IMDS certified. Check out our ad in the Wiring Harness News.

Wire Harness Manufacturer's Association
White Products is a member of the Wiring Harness Manufacturer's Association.