fusible link wire

Fusible Link Wire - Specifications

Delphi fusible link wire conforms to Delphi Engineering specifications M3382 which contains detailed dimensional and stranding information.

View Delphi Engineering Specification 3M3382

Standard colors and markings are as follows:

Size Color Marking
20-ga. - 0.5 mm Gray 0.5 SQMM FUSIBLE LINK
18-ga. - 0.8 mm Blue 0.8 SQMM FUSIBLE LINK
16-ga. - 1.0 mm Black 1.0 SQMM FUSIBLE LINK
14-ga. - 2.0 mm Gray 2.0 SQMM FUSIBLE LINK
12-ga. - 3.0 mm Blue 3.0 SQMM FUSIBLE LINK
10-ga. - 5.0 mm Orange (Rust) 5.0 SQMM FUSIBLE LINK
8-ga. -8.0 mm Black 8.0 SQMM FUSIBLE LINK

Insulation is rated for 150°C continuous. Delphi's proprietary insulation compound meets the requirements of SAE J-1128 Type HTS as specified in SAE J-156.

Additional information may be found on our Fusible Link Wire FAQs page.